The benefits of a professional skin analysis before cosmetic skin injections

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The benefits of a professional skin analysis

When you visit any of The Skin Project three skin clinics for the first time, you receive a free skin consultation from a qualified and experienced medical doctor.

This complementary skin consultation is a no obligation, no charge detailed and confidential skin analysis between you and our qualified medical doctor, Dr Tom, to review your skin and discuss any skincare issues like acne and acne scarring, pigmentation, ageing concerns such as texture, wrinkles and fine lines, eye bags, capillaries and redness.


What to expect during your free consultation

During your free skin consultation our experienced cosmetic doctor, Dr Tom will discuss your goals and analyse your skin. After this, he will provide you with options for cosmetic treatments for your skin concerns.

Dr Tom takes a holistic approach to cosmetic skin care.

His aim is to have your skin looking the best it can be – regenerated, plump and vibrant. To achieve the goal of rejuvenating your skin, treatment options may include not just cosmetic injections, such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, but also Dr Tom might recommend highly effective skin solutions including laser treatments and chemical face peels, plus simpler topical options such as using medical grade skincare products.

The benefit of a having professional skin analysis prior to commencing cosmetic treatment is that it gives you personalised skincare advice and recommendations to solve your skin concerns and goals, and you obtain a tailored skin care solution to improve to quality of your skin. All free of charge.

During your professional skin consultation and skin care review at any of The Skin Project cosmetic clinics, you can also discuss your skin concerns and expectations for cosmetic enhancements.

Book free skin analysis with Dr Tom online now, or call the friendly team at your local The Skin Project clinic to book in for your no obligation skin consultation and learn how you can improve the quality of your skin. 


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