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Loose Saggy Skin & Jowls

Skin Tightening Treatments 

Tighten facial skin and neck skin to combat the signs of ageing with cosmetic enhancement procedures at The Skin Project Cosmetics Clinics by Doctors. 


Loose and saggy skin on the face and neck tightening can be treated without invasive surgery, and a bright and refreshed appearance can be attained using state-of-the-art cosmetic enhancement techniques.

Skin tightening treatments

As we age our skin naturally loses volume and youthful facial contours. Loose skin ages our appearance and creates a loss of definition of our facial features. When our facial skin is not tight enough to display our natural underlying bone and tissue structure, a wrinkling mask effect occurs.

Having loose skin on the face also leads to a loss of a sharp, defined jaw line, created the dreaded “jowls” hanging in strips on what was once a sharp angular feature.

Loose skin or saggy skin and jowls on the face are due to three main factors ageing factors:

  • A loss of skin elasticity and skin structure
  • A loss of volume under the skin or
  • A combination of both a loss of elasticity and skin structure and a loss of volume

Modern cosmetic anti-ageing solutions offer the chance to tighten loose facial skin, and skin tightening is now a true alternative to obtaining a face lift. Skin tightening is safer and less expensive than plastic surgery and offers clients the opportunity to renew their skin quality while restoring facial contours. Expect a smoother complexion that is plumper without the pulled effect of a face lift.


Cosmetic skin treatments for face and neck tightening

At The Skin Project Cosmetics Clinics, our experienced medical doctor offers effective and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that can make a dramatic difference to your appearance and reduce the signs of ageing.

Let us create a personalised cosmetic treatment plan for you. Sydney Cosmetics Clinics can assist you with a range of skin tightening and neck tightening procedures, including:

These modern cosmetic treatments are considered the best treatments for skin tightening and may be used together as part of as skincare regime to tighten loose skin on the neck and face.

For some clients where loose skin is also due to a loss of volume under the skin, fillers may also be used to replace the lost skin volume and create a more natural looking result.

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