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Chin Tightening

At The Skin Project Clinics by Doctors we offer the first non-surgical double chin treatment in Australia.

The powerful new cosmetic injection permanently dissolves fat under the chin quickly and safely, getting rid of a flabby chin and creating a slimmer facial profile and contoured jaw-line without the need for surgery.

Expect noticeable results as excess chin fat is removed, the jawline is tightened and your skin is lifted. This cosmetic injection treatment creates a more defined and firmer jawline by melting away the fat under the chin and tightening sagging skin.

This works by mimicking the body’s naturally occurring Deoxycholic Acid to permanently destroy fat cells in the chin, removing the unwanted fullness under the chin.

This non-surgical procedure is for men and women and is a true alternative to liposuction of double chin fat. The treatment, breaks down fat cells plus tightens the skin in the chin area by creating more collagen and elastin fibres within the skin.

If you suffer a double chin due to weight fluctuations, because of ageing, or simply due to genetics, this non-invasive fat-dissolving cosmetic treatment is for you.

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