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Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark Under Eye Circles Treatment

Dark circles under our eyes make us look tired and stressed. They are also a common sign of ageing.


The good news is that The Skin Project Cosmetic Clinics by Doctors are experienced at restoring vibrancy to your face by reducing the look of under eye circles.

Dr Tom can provide you with the best cosmetic treatments proven to transform tired and stressful, puffy and dull looking dark eyes into smooth and youthful eyes that are full of energy!


Dark Circle Removal

Dark circles under the eyes can caused by two problems:

  • A high build up of pigmentation, a skin problem that is more common those of us with tanned and darker skin tones;  and/or
  • Tear troughs, which are formed by a loss of volume creating a hollow in the cheek and under the eye.

The non-surgical solutions for eye bags and dark circles include laser treatment to fade and remove pigmentation concerns and cosmetic enhancement using dermal filler injections to restore volume.

At the same time as treating your eye bags, our cosmetic doctor Dr Tom can also assist you with other cosmetic and anti ageing problems, including:

  • Cheek fillers to help create a fuller and more perfectly contoured appearance
  • Lip enhancement treatment with cosmetic fillers to bring back volume to lips
  • Facial anti wrinkle injections to assist in creating a smoother complexion with a reduced facial lines and wrinkles


Cosmetic Treatment for Dark Eye Circles

If you suffer from under eye bags, hollows under the eyes and dark circles, then Dr Tom and the experienced team at The Skin Project Clinics by Doctors can tailor a cosmetic treatment plan to remove your dark circles and give a profound lift to your entire face.

Targeted treatment of your eye bags can soften and smooth the dark circles under the eyes, while filling in lost volume and lead to a much softer appearance for the face and a younger, healthy looking appearance.

The type of treatment recommended for this skin concern will depend on various factors, including:

  • The pigmentation, or colour, of your skin
  • The level of volume in your eye and cheek areas
  • The cause of the dark circles

Make your appointment for your free professional skin analysis with Dr Tom at your local Skin Project Cosmetic Clinic by Doctors today to discuss the best cosmetic solutions for your skin type.




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