Non surgical rhinoplasty creates the effect of a nose job with dermal fillers

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non invasive nose correction using quality dermal fillers.

At The Skin Project Clinics by Doctors we provide non-surgical injection Rhinoplasty to both men and women who want to lift or reshape their nose without the risk, downtime and pain of traditional plastic surgery.

Also known as the “15-minute nose job”, or the “lunchtime nose job”, this advanced cosmetic enhancement is ideal for clients seeking to adjust the appearance of their nose. It is also a common cosmetic treatment following nose surgery where the nose has been permanently reshaped for medical reasons such as to improve breathing.


Nose reshaping with dermal fillers

Depending on the cosmetic result sought, our experienced and qualified medical doctor Dr Tom injections small amounts of high quality dermal fillers into various sites of the nose to create the desired look.

Compared to traditional surgical nose job, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a quick and simple cosmetic procedure. This cutting-edge technique allows for the non-surgical correction of many features of the nose.

At The Skin Project Clinics, Dr Tom can assist you with non-surgical solutions for nose correction or enhancement that:

  • Create facial symmetry by reducing or balancing the appearance of the size of a nose
  • Reshape or flatten the bridge of the nose
  • Smooth a nose bump, dent, depression and contour irregularities
  • Nose tip reduction
  • Widen a nose
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Elevate a nose tip
  • Raise or better define a nose flat bridge
  • Refine or reshape the nose following surgical Rhinoplasty


The nose job alternative

Improving the look of your nose can transform the look of your face. While other facial features will stay the same, a reshaped nose can dramatically affect the overall facial aesthetic by creating facial asymmetry or drawing attention to other facial features.

Our clients find the process pain free and enjoy long-lasting results from this nose job alternative.

For more information about the cosmetic treatment options for sculpting and shaping your nose using dermal filler Rhinoplasty, book your free professional skin analysis with Dr Tom today.



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