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Chemical Peels

Improve your skin’s appearance as you reveal younger, smoother skin with a chemical skin peel.


Chemical peels offer multiple skin benefits as the controlled shedding of aged and damaged skin layers of skin cells reveals younger, softer, smoother skin underneath.

Chemical peels provides deep moisture to dry or dehydrated skin and can be personalised in strength to suit your skincare needs.

This rejuvenating cosmetic therapy can be used on the face, hands, neck and chest area to:

  • smooth out skin tone
  • the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • faded scars, freckles and age spots
  • diminish acne


Choose Your Chemical Peel Transformation

There are three levels of chemical face peels. They are classified by the strength of peel solution applied to the skin and the depth the chemical peel penetrates the skin.

Superficial chemical peels do not penetrate the skin and provide a surface peel, removing the top layer of skin to brighten and soften the complexion.

Medium chemical peels are able to reduce the signs of ageing and remove fines lines, freckles, and sun spots plus even out skin tone.

The deepest level of chemical peels reach to deep wrinkles.


Chemical Skin Peels

Lighter skin peels may be combined with other cosmetic skin therapies, including laser treatments and dermal fillers.

Expect to be a bit red for a few hours after this cosmetic therapy, and sun sensitive for about a week. Avoid the sun and wear a high SPF sunscreen.

Because of the nature of the chemical peel process, some peels may require time off from work. The average peel takes six to seven days to complete. Deeper peels may take eight to ten days to settle. Dr Tom can advise you of this prior to your treatment.

Skin concerns such as deep scarring or broken blood vessels are best treated with laser skin rejuvenation techniques, including a series of laser facials. Our qualified cosmetic medical doctor, Dr Tom, can review your skin concerns and discuss the most effective skin options for you.

Chemical skin peels are best suited to fairer skin tones. If you have olive skin tones you are not likely to benefit from a chemical peels. Dr Tom can recommend other more suitable cosmetic treatments for your skin concerns.



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