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Does Beauty Pay? How Looks Impact Your Career Prospects.

On the job hunt this new year? Flutter those lashes and flash a smile with those perfectly shaped lips and you have a better chance of not just getting your dream job, but also making more money.

And when it comes to winning that big 2018 job promotion? Bosses prefer to hire those of us who are considered more physically attractive.

Say it isn’t so! Sorry but we can’t.

Here’s the hidden beauty secret that might shock you: the pretty people get it all, and we are not just talking about more likes on Instagram.


It’s all economics

Just ask a professor in pulchronomics, who studied the economics study of beauty. Yes, there is such a thing.

The economy of beauty exists, and these experts have even coined the terms “beauty premium” and “ugliness penalty” to try and put a value on our attractiveness, and the benefits being good looking brings!

Wait. There’s a “beauty premium”?

Yes, there is. According to pulchronomics good-looking people are automatically more valued than those of us who are ordinary looking, or unattractive – the average Joe and Jane – who suffer the “ugliness penalty”.

So what does this mean for your new year job hunt?

Well, those guys in the coats have tested their theory and proven just how much beauty matters in our pay packet. According to economist professor at University of Texas Daniel Hamermesh, the beauty pay gap is 13%. Another study estimated that in the job market, the so-called “beauty premium” operates to give the gorgeous ones such a boost that they are making a huge 20% more.


It seems that pretty ones can use their powers of persuasion in job interviews and to land a job in a leadership role. With intelligence and carefully honed social skills, attractive people usually are skilled communicators and get listened to. This could be why companies seek out good-looking executives, especially for sales and management role which require competence and intelligence, all skills good-looking people are presumed to possess.

And of course, good looks are also likely to nab a person that promotion or pay rise. All up, facial beauty may be a wonderful asset when it comes to getting that corner office.

So what makes a person beautiful?

Well, it turns out there are universally accepted characteristics of looking good people!

Facial attractiveness that indicates health and success, and beauty, for both sexes include smooth skin, shiny hair, and facial symmetry. The most attractive features of women are high cheekbones, fuller lips, big eyes, and a thin chin. However, for men, good looks come with a broad chin and big jaw.

At The Skin Project, we offer cosmetic injectables that can assist to more attractive features. Using high-grade dermal fillers our experienced cosmetic doctor and established Cosmetic Physician can create a more youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers can provide volume to sagging cheeks and jowls and create contours on the jaw and chin. They can also plump lips to create the perfect pout and rectify facial symmetry with a non-surgical injection Rhinoplasty.

Fraxel laser treatment offers skin smoothing benefits, while anti-wrinkle injections and non-surgical blepharoplasty can reduce the signs of ageing around the eye area.

A beautiful you starts at The Skin Project

The perks of being pretty are available to anyone. Thanks to high-grade cosmetical skin treatment at The Skin Project you can help improve the appearance of facial features and gain yourself a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Boost your personal confidence as you enhance your looks and achieve your professional goals. You know you have the skill, now nail that job interview by ensuring you are listened to and truly valued.

Talk to our cosmetic doctor about how cosmetic skin solutions can improve your personal image. Let him create a personalised skincare treatment plan to enhance your natural beauty and immediately improve the quality of your skin.

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