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How Lip Fillers Can Give You The Perfect Pout

The great thing about lip fillers is that they can give you the lovely fuller lips that you want. And with these cosmetic injections lasting up to 18 months you can enjoy a gorgeous plumped look longer after that must-buy outfit went out of fashion.

Here’s How To Get Perfect Lips
Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments today, creating full plump lips and a perfectly formed cupid’s bow that complement your facial features.

No matter your age or beauty goals, lip enhancement is a precise cosmetic procedure that can help you transform your skin. An experienced and qualified medical cosmetic doctor will work with you to improve the proportions of your lips using state-of-the-art lip filling injections. The result? Plumped lips that balance and compliment your facial features.

Building on your natural lip’s shape
A question our team of cosmetic technicians often get asked is, “What makes attractive and natural-looking plump lips?”. And we think this is a great question!

The aesthetic of achieving a precisely calculated proportions when plumping lips is more than just volume and va va voom.

There is a science to perfectly plumped lips. Just like any medical procedure and cosmetic therapy, creating the perfect pout takes skill and experience. Cosmetic doctors will inject fillers in various areas in and around the lip and the mouth to create a symmetry appearance and plumper, firmer lips that achieve your aesthetic goals.

During the lip augmentation process, building proportionate lips that are balanced with the face involves many considerations.

Building proportionate lips
With no single prescription of the perfect looking lips, trained and experienced cosmetic doctors take their time to evaluate your facial appearance and areas where the lips have lost volume. Experienced cosmetic doctors will avoid over-injecting lips and creating a look that is disproportionate with the rest of the face.

As a real, there are key measurements for the perfect pout:

  • The width of the lips should be about 40% of width of the lower face
  • The ideal lip ratio on the frontal view is to have more fullness in the lower lip, with the upper lip about half the size of the lower lip, or lower lip should be 1.6 times bigger if we are going to get technical! This article is a great way of seeing lip sizing in action.

Creating a balanced face
As well as creating proportionate lips, facial balancing is required. This means ensuring your new lips suit your face and create a symmetrical look. Beautiful, fuller, enhanced lip must be balanced with other facial features, which means:

  • Defining a pouty, cupid’s bow that appears at the central point of the upper lip
  • Ensuring the level of the lips are parallel to the level of the eyes
  • Creating even distances between the upper lip and the base of the nose, plus ensuring facial symmetry with equal proportions between that area and the area between the lower lip and chin
  • Balancing the upper lip so it does not protrude excessively past the lower lip when viewing the face side on

Wow! Now that is a lot to work with!

Trust Your Cosmetic Doctor
We all want to be a prettier version of ourselves, and enhancing our lips is one way of achieving that. However, no-one wants to end up with a cartoon character appearance with over-plumped lower lips that don’t work in harmony with the rest of their face.

When it comes to enjoying the perfect pout our best advice is trust our doctor to create lips you will love.

Whether you are seeking natural looking lips that help disguise the signs of ageing or wanting some volume to enhance your natural beauty, our cosmetic dr can give your natural lips a boost using quality cosmetic fillers.

Book a skin analysis with our cosmetic doctor today and find out how he can create you luxurious full lips that you will love.

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