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List of Active Ingredients

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Skin Project by Dr’s full list of Active Ingredients in our skincare product range.

Majestem. – Lifting and Firming the appearance of the skin.

Voluform. – Adds the appearance of increased Volume to the skin.

Synake.- A similar action to anti-wrinkle injectables, relaxes muscles to smooth the appearance of wrinkles.

Myocept “X50” .- reduces the appearance of wrinkles with intelligent targeted technology.

HPR (High-Performance Retinoid – Vit A). –Anti Ageing wonder Vitamin. Stimulates new Collagen and Elastin production, whilst encouraging new skin cell activity.

TAGRAVIT C1. –  Encapsulated time release Vitamin C. Reduces the appearance of Pigmentation, eases rough skin and encourages Elastin production.

IBR Gapture (Jojoba extract). – Increases Barrier Function & Rejuvenation of skin

Linefactor.  – Redensifies the appearance of the Dermis. Improves skin elasticity, promoting collagen and elastin production.

Vit B3 niacinimide. – A truly calming Vitamin that reduces the appearance of redness and pigment whilst balancing oil flow and boosting immune function.

IBR Calm De-Age.  Calms the appearance of skin redness and decreases the appearance of dark under eye circles

Gran 1423. The Anti-Redness Advanced Peptide Matrix. Calms and tones skin.

Symbiocell –restores comfort to the skin by calming the appearance of redness and inflammation

Vitamin E.– Has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. May assist with the natural healing processes of the skin.

Syn EYE. – anti-ageing peptide complex designed to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes.

Regu – Age. Helps shield the delicate skin around the eyes and visibly reduces the appearance of dark circle and under eye puffiness.


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