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Is Your Skin Showing The Effects of Ageing?

That moment when you realised you have aged can be tough.

Like admitting your skinny jeans are too young for you, or you no longer know a single song on the music charts, the signs of ageing are confronting, and a little confusing.

While we can’t help with the jeans shopping or your taste in music, we can help you make a major difference to your complexion with the help of the latest cosmetic skin therapies and anti ageing treatments that work.

But before we step to the cure for ageing skin, let’s review the the five most loathed signs of ageing.


The major signs of ageing


Dull Skin Tone

An uneven skin tone and a loss of fresh, radiant appearance is a common complaint among clients at The Skin Project. We find that as we age, our skin tone becomes dull and uneven with patches of blotchiness and age spots.


Poor Skin Texture

As well as dullness of skin, many clients suffer from dry, flaky, dull skin and/or a rough skin texture. Along with this, visible pores and poor hydration are common. These are all signs of ageing skin, with skin cells slowing down their turnover rate.


Facial Wrinkles

The appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles is a major indicator of ageing. Wrinkled skin can appear on our forehead especially, while fine lines start to appear around our mouth and eyes, with crow’s feet and fine lines around the lip around especially worrisome.


Loss of Firmness

As skin ages it loses it structure and becomes less taut. Loss of skin elasticity from a depletion in collagen results in skin being drawn down by gravity, and means “jowls” and sagging skin. This overall lack of firmness is not attractive. Lips also may lose volume and appear thinner.


Under Eye Bags

Thinning skin creates various ageing issues in the eye area. Under the eyes, many experience puffiness and dark circles, also known as under eye bags. With the thinning skin, veins under the eye area are often visible, and because of a lack of collagen in the eye area, eyes may appear sunken and tired.


The best anti-ageing solutions

The good news? Thanks to modern cosmetic therapies, you can refresh skin tone, smooth texture, fight wrinkles, restore volume and firm skin and plump lips and so much more using non-invasive cosmetic techniques.

These anti-ageing solutions are truly skin transforming, skin nourishing cosmetic therapies that can be administered individually or combined for a powerful, youthful result.


Restore plumpness with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are the latest in anti-ageing technology and allow us to restore volume and firmness to under eye areas, remove dark circles under eyes, firm and fill hallow cheeks, plump up lips, and even smooth out deeper facial wrinkles. These cosmetic fillers can provide your face with smoothness and structure and last up to 18 months.


Reverse signs of ageing with anti wrinkle injections

Remove forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine mouth wrinkles and other fine lines with anti wrinkle injections that relax and smooth. Anti wrinkle injections last between 3 – 4 months and are versatile; they can target exact fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin.


Cosmetic Treatment Solutions

Create a glowing complexion and smooth out skin texture by exfoliating away dead layers of skin cells and encouraging regular cell turnover and with a Chemical Skin Peel, or use Fraxel Laser Facials to target fine lines and areas of roughness. Both cosmetic treatments are also known to improve hydration.


Is it time?

The good news? When your skin starts to exhibit the five major signs of ageing, targeted cosmetic therapies can repair and restore your appearance.

Don’t want to be held ransom to the ageing process. Instead let Dr Tom renew your complexion and restore firmness with affordable non-surgical cosmetic treatments that provide long-lasting results of up to 18 months.


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