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Turn Back Time Without Surgery

You no longer have to go under the knife or spend thousands of dollars to look younger.

The newest injectables and skin-smoothing lasers have increased in popularity due to their ability to combat brow furrows, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of ageing for a fraction of the cost, with little to no downtime.

Read on to find out what common concerns can be treated with cosmetic injectables.

Forehead Wrinkles

Our face handles a lot of movement throughout the day, we’re expressive people! Unfortunately, repetitive movements in facial muscles can lead to deep-set wrinkles, particularly in the forehead.

One of the most effective treatments for deep set forehead wrinkles is anti-wrinkle injections. This is injected into a muscle to temporarily relax it, smoothing expression lines. Since wrinkles are partially formed by repetitive movements, some dermatologists are now also using injections in areas that are still smooth but prone to developing these deep wrinkles as a preventative measure to stop them forming in the first place.

As with all cosmetic treatments, it’s important to choose your doctor carefully. You don’t want to take away all movement from your face. Luckily our highly trained cosmetic doctor is experienced in delivery the best, most natural-looking results.

Thinning Lips

As we age our lips lose their plumpness and begin to thin out, if that’s a concern of yours then lip fillers could be your answer. Not only do lip fillers return the volume to thinning lips but can also treat the appearance of wrinkles around your mouth.

When injected on the lip border lip fillers create more definition while inside the lip body cosmetic fillers plump up your lips for an overall fuller look.

Lip fillers are available for men and women and each treatment is tailored to the individual with the number of mils required depending on the lips themselves. This treatment is available at both The Skin Project locations, contact our team to organise a consultation.


We all know age spots are simply apart of the ageing process, but there is still a way to treat them and reduce their appearance.

Advanced laser skin care technology is a skin-transforming tool.  The laser works by deeply penetrating the skin with pinpoint accuracy to fade pigmentation by stimulating collagen and skin cell rejuvenation.

Drooping Eyes

Previously lifting drooping eyes was left to painful cosmetic surgery but now, eyes can be lifted with non-surgical cosmetic treatments like blepharoplasty.

Unlike traditional eye-lift surgery, cosmetic blepharoplasty eyelid correction treatment provides a remedy for sagging eyelids, double eyelids and drooping eyelids or under eye bags.

This non-surgical eyelift treatment utilises the benefits of cosmetic dermal fillers to counteract sagging and drooping eyelids. This treatment involves shrinking the excess external skin on the upper or lower eyelid to stop the droop and removing the collection of fat from the lower under eye bag area to smooth the under-eye.

This simple cosmetic eye procedure can help tighten and lift the skin around the eyes without cutting the skin or leaving scarring. This treatment can also help give the appearance of lifted brows and tighten crow’s feet.

So Many Non-Surgical Ways To Create A Youthful Complexion

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